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Kurapaty near Minsk (the capital of the Republic of Belarus) is the biggest mass grave of the Belarusian victims killed by the Russian occupants in the period of the communist genocide of our nation (1937-1941). The National Memorial created in this place by the Belarusian people has the official status – the object of the historical and cultural heritage of the First category.

The officers of the Soviet secret police NKVD have shot in Kurapaty and buried in the holes c. 250 000 persons since 1937 till June 23, 1941 (the second day of the German invasion into the Soviet Union). In accordance with the Moscow’s order the Russian communist occupants killed the innocent persons – men and women – here and in many other places in whole Belarus. Moscow presented to the administration of every region, province and village a local plan of the annihilation of the Belarusian population. Every night the special NKVD panel vans (“khapuns”) arrived to the communities in order to arrest the victims. The arrested persons have been sentenced to death mostly in accordance with the illegal sentences of the so-called “troika” (three representatives of the Soviet administration, NKVD and Communist party).

The Russian communist occupants killed first and foremost the Belarusian writers, poets, scientists, managers, professors, as well as many workers and farmers, priests and believers. The NKVD has killed each and every one of the Belarusian archeologists and art historians as well as 633 writers and poets among 800 men of letters and 102 members of the high Belarusian state administration among 104 of them. During the Soviet period since 1917 the Russian NKVD has annihilated c. two million of persons in Belarus (20% of the population).

The Soviet administration kept secret this tragic place during many years. 1988 this place has been revealed and explored by Mr. Zianon Pazniak, the known archeologist (he has acted and is acting now as the opposition politician). Until recently the archeologists have found c. 600 holes with the remains of victims in Kurapaty. 1988 the Procurators office of Belarus has opened the criminal case and assisted (together with the Belarusian Ministry of the Interior and Belarusian Academy of Sciences) the archeological excavations and exhumations in Kurapaty.

1990 the communist administration of Belarus has been obliged to recognize the fact of the mass killings by the Soviet NKVD in Kurapaty. The mass grave has been given official protection.

But Putin’s Moscow and its satellite Lukashenka’s regime have tried several times to annihilate Kurapaty. The Belarusian people defended its holy place fighting against the police and KGB detachments. During the last period Moscow is pressing the dictatorial Lukashenka regime and trying again to destroy the National Memorial. This is very important for Putin’s Russia because the remains of the killed Belarusian persons in Kurapaty is a factual evidence of the genocide. Moscow is trying to avoid responsibility for the mass killings in Belarus.

Kurapaty has a special protected area. Namely in this area the administration has permitted to construct a restaurant and entertainment site in accordance with Moscow’s order and as a result of corruption. This is a grave violation of the Law. The restaurant Poyedem-Poyedim (Let’s Go to Eat) has the banqueting rooms, dancing halls, a sauna as well as the intimate rooms. Mr. Leanid Zeides is the responsible owner of this complex. C. 30 Russian and other foreign companies are participating in this illegal project.

At first the Procurator’s office and the Ministry of Culture of Belarus have decided to liquidate this illegal object. But later the corruption and the political schemes started to act. Despite the society’s protests against the violation of Law the restaurant and the entertainment site have been open for clients.

This provocation has a special goal. Moscow is trying to provoke the social conflicts through the sacrilegious acts directed against the people’s feelings and sacred sense of the victim’s tombs and the national memory and to use them as a cause in order to destroy the National Memorial. Moscow is trying to construct a false pseudo-memorial in Kurapaty in order to disorient the society and to pervert the truth on the criminal acts against the humanity.

The Belarusian society is protesting, appealing to the morale and demanding the liquidation of the sacrilegious object placed in the protected area of the National Memorial of genocide. The Belarusian people appeal all the conscious persons to boycott this ignominious entertainment object and not to support its activity.


July 26, 2018

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